SCF 2019 Best Paper Awards and Best Student Paper Awards

2019 International Conference on Web Services
(ICWS 2019)


Best Paper Awards
Automated Hot Text and Huge Pages: An Easy-to-adopt Solution Towards High Performing Services
Zhenyun Zhuang, Mark Santaniello, Shumin Zhao, Bikash Sharma, Rajit Kambo


Best Student Paper Awards
Pricing a digital services marketplace under asymmetric information
Pavel Izhutov, Haim Mendelson


2019 International Conference on Cloud Computing
(CLOUD 2019)


Best Paper Awards
BlockLite: Toward Accurate and Efficient Emulation of Public Blockchains in the Cloud
Xinying Wang, Abdullah Al-Mamun, Feng Yan and Dongfang Zhao


Best Student Paper Awards
Exploiting the Spam Correlations in Scalable Online Social Spam Detection
Hailu Xu, Pinchao Liu, Boyuan Guan and Liting Hu


2019 International Congress on Big Data
(BIGDATA 2019)


Best Paper Awards
Towards Detection of Abnormal Vehicle Behavior Using Traffic Cameras
Aibek Musaev, Chen Wang, Pezhman Sheinidashtegol, Travis Atkison


Best Student Paper Awards
Multi-Step Short Term Traffic Flow Forecasting using Temporal and Spatial Data
Hao Peng, John Miller


2019 International Conference on Cognitive Computing
(ICCC 2019)


Best Paper Awards
Reduce the Warfighters’ Cognitive Burden
Matthew Maher, Rob Orlando


Best Student Paper Awards
An ensemble method: Case-Based Reasoning and the Inverse Problems in Investigating Financial Bubbles
Francis Ekpenyong, Stelios Kapetanakis, Georgios Samakovitis, Miltos Petridis


2019 International Conference on Internet of Things
(ICIOT 2019)


Best Paper Awards
Online Conditions Monitoring of End-Mill Based on Sensor Integrated Smart Holder
Zhaowu Zhan


2019 International Conference on Services Computing
(SCC 2019)


Best Student Paper Awards
Better Service Performance Management via Workload Prediction
Hachem Moussa, I-ling Yen, Farokh Bastani


2019 International Conference on AI & Mobile Services
(AIMS 2019)


Best Paper Awards
The constrained GAN with Hybrid Encoding in Predicting Financial Behavior
Yuhang Zhang, Wensi Yang, Wanlin Sun, Kejiang Ye, Ming Chen, Chengzhong Xu


Best Student Paper Awards
ECGAN: Image Translation with Multi-Scale Relativistic Average Discriminator
Weihao Xia, Yujiu Yang, Xianyu Bao


2019 World Congress on Services


Best Student Paper Awards
Concept Drift Adaptive Physical Event Detection for Social Media Streams
Abhijit Suprem, Calton Pu, Aibek Musaev


2019 International Conference on Edge Computing
(EDGE 2019)


Best Paper Awards
Latency Control for Distributed Machine Vision at the Edge through Approximate Computing
Arun Ravindran, Anjus George


2019 International Conference on Blockchain
(ICBC 2019)


Best Paper Awards
Blockchain: an empirical investigation of its scope for improvement
Evgeniia Filippova, Arno Scharl, Pavel Filippov


Best Student Paper Awards
Digital-Physical Parity for Food Fraud Detection
Sin Kuang Lo, Xiwei Xu, Chen Wang, Ingo Weber, Paul Rimba, Qinghua Lu, Mark Staples


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